Celebrate the Gila River!


About the Gila River Festival

Established in 2005, the Gila River Festival is an annual event that celebrates New Mexico's last free-flowing river and its important role as the centerpiece in our region’s natural and cultural heritage. The festival provides a diversity of opportunities for participants to experience and learn about the natural and cultural history of the area through the arts, humanities and natural sciences.  The festival is designed to foster a deeper understanding of the Gila River as we explore annual program themes through expert-led field trips and workshops, lectures by scientists, authors, historians, and conservationists, and programming in the visual and performing arts, film, music, and dance.


The Gila River Festival's mission is to educate and engage diverse audiences in the natural and cultural heritage of the Gila River and its watershed through an annual multi-disciplinary nature festival. Our goal it to provide enriching opportunities for participants to experience the Gila River first hand and from diverse perspectives, creating a deeper intimacy with the river and a strong sense of place.


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Support the Gila River Festival

The Gila River Festival is the Southwest's premier nature festival, bringing people together to celebrate New Mexico's last wild river. This annual event would not be possible without the ongoing support of sponsors, volunteers, and donors.  Please consider joining with us to ensure that the festival continues to provide education and inspiration in our community. Sponsor the festival or become a donor today!